10 Products Every Snake Owner Should Have

7 Products Every Snake Owner Should Have!

There a lot of tools that you will need to look after your pet snake.  In this article, we will look at 10 of the best tools any snake owner should own.

10 Products Every Snake Owner Should Have


Even if you have a friendly snake a hook will be something you will need to use.  Sometimes the most docile snake can have an off day.  A snake hook will make moving your little or big pet easier for both of you.

10 Products Every Snake Owner Should Have

Snake hooks will also come in handy when your snake is ready for food.  This is because they are hungry and might think your finger is a juicy mouse.  The hook can also be used to open up the snake’s bin.  Some people also use these hooks to gently tap them on the side to let them know you there.

And also let you know you are not food.  A lot of snakes will get used to the fact that they will be handled shortly after GENTLY tapping them to get their attention.

There are loads of snake hooks available on Amazon, from the slide in hooks to bigger hooks.  Check them out here:  Hooks on Amazon.


Every snake owner should own a pair of feeding tongs.  A lot of people will dangle the food with their hands.  This does pose as the snake can bite your finger when grabbing the food from you.  Feeding tongs are really cheap and will last a long time.  These are good investments for any snake lover.

There are loads of different sizes available.

Industrially sized feeding tongs will be necessary when you get into bigger snakes like boa constrictors and Burmese pythons.


Most people use the round thermometer that does not do a good job.  The main reason for this is that this type will only measure around the area of the thermometer.  When getting the temperature it is best to get it from the bedding.  That is why a laser thermometer will work best.

The laser gun will point to where it is reading the temperature.  You can point it anywhere in the enclosure, be it the warm or cooler end.


All snake owners will need to have a good cleaning solution on hand.  Bleach and vinegar are used a lot and is very useful but that is not what we talking about here.

The best cleaning solution for pets is Chlorhexidine.  This is because it is SUPER safe for your pet.  It has no harmful chemicals that can kill or harm your snake.  This chemical is also widely used by most vets to clean their tables and tools that will be used on any animal.  The cleaner is very concentrated and will have to be diluted before use.

The mix will be 30ml per gallon.  That is 2 tablespoons per gallon, so very easy to mix.  I usually dilute the mixture and put it into a spray bottle to use to spray and clean.


This product will only apply to those that are breading snakes.  You will need to get a 16G feeding needle and 3ml syringe.  The feeding needle is hallowed and it has a rounded tip where the liquid will come out.  This is not a needle at all but more of a feeding tool.

10 Products Every Snake Owner Should Have

When the snake is laying her eggs the eggs can sometimes get stuck.  You will then use mineral oil to add to that area to assist the snake in laying her eggs.


The mineral oil can be used as stated above.  It is great for helping your snake lay her eggs and can also assist with snake shedding.


Instead of tilting the whole tank out to clean out the bedding.  It is much easier taking this small dustpan and broom to sweep up neatly inside on the tank.  It is at a great size to get into any small areas inside of the enclosure.


  • Make sure you know the adult size of the snake you getting.  This can save time and money in the long run.  You do not want to purchase a small enclosure just to have to change in a years time.
  • Snakes are not very active.  You will often see videos on Youtube or on TV and they show the snake very active.  This is not always the case as they are more lazy than active.
  • Do some research on the best beginner snakes before just taking on any snake.  You do not want to get a snake that is not easy to look after.  Or a snake that is overly aggressive will also be very difficult to look after or even a snake that is venomous.  Snakes like these might be easy to get but not good as a pet.  For this reason, make sure you get a snake that you will be able to look after.
  • Make sure you know all the costs involved before getting your snake pet.  The costs will include a new enclosure and also the cost of electricity.  Food will also cost a bit depending on what snake you get.
  • If you struggle to get substrate you can also use newspaper.  A newspaper is cheap and is super easy to clean up.  It is also harmless towards the snake.  The only thing I do not like about newspaper is that it does not look nice at all.
  • Another thing that you should is that snake poop can be very big.  This also depends on the size of the snake but the bigger the snake the bigger the poop.
  • Some snakes also do not like to be handled too much.  This can cause them to be stressed and they might stop eating. because of this.
  • Feed with tongs.  This makes feeding tens times easier as you will not risk your fingers in the feeding act.  Some snakes can get super eager when grabbing the food.  This is especially the case when dangling the mouse in front of the snake.
  • All snakes come from different areas of the world.  This means that each snakes preference towards temperature and humidity is different.  Do thorough research on the type of snake you are getting so that you know how to look after you snake.
  • Make sure you have a good food supplier for the snake you will be getting.  You can purchase most food the snake will require directly from Amazon.


These are extra items that most pet snake owners should have.  If you have other items that we do not have here please leave a message here below.  Most snakes are easy to look after.  The key to becoming a good snake owner will be to know what all the requirements are.

Do thorough research before getting your snake and make sure you have all the tools needed.  The snake products above will make keeping your pet snake much easier.  Please take some time to read other articles on this website and make sure to leave a comment below.

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