Corn Snake Climbing Toys – 5 Best Climbing Toys For Your Snake

Pet corn snakes love climbing toys that give them a natural jungle environment. It is super important to bring as much of their natural environment into their enclosure as possible.  This will help them feel much more comfortable.  Therefore bringing down their stress levels.  This is especially important for a newly purchased snake.  Without climbing toys the snake will feel unhappy and can start to feel stressed which can make them not eat.

Corn Snake Climbing Toys

Artificial Greenery Fake Ivy Leaves Vine

The bright color of leaves due to PP lamination gives a realistic appearance and does not fade easily. The hanging is durable and the ivy leaves are bendable. Various shapes and sizes of ivy leaves allow you to arrange, curve, bend or manipulate them into desired decorative patterns for different forms of display.

The installation and removal of hanging are also very easy. The length of the hanging is approximately 25M/83ft. A pack of 12 ivy leaf hangings will bring a touch of naturalness to your corn snake’s habitat.


What are the product dimensions?
The product dimensions are 2x1x3 inches

What is the total weight of the hanging?
The artificial garland hanging is just 5.6 ounces in weight.

What is the size of the ivy leaves on the hanging?
the size of leaves is about 2 inch, which gives the strand a pretty look

Does it smell when placed for a longer period of time?
Because fabric and plastic material maybe it starts giving some smell when kept at the same place for a longer duration. Putting it in ventilated place removes the smell in 1-2 days.

Is this bendable?
yes, the leaves are weaved across a mesh made of plastic material. It is shipped in a wallpaper or wrapping paper and can be trimmed or cut to bend or wrap easily in any desired shape. It stays in the same shape you bend in to.

Can it hurt the corn snake?
No, it won’t hurt your pet as it is made up of soft fabric and plastic material.

Reptile Climber Vines

Flexible climber jungle vines for reptiles give a natural look and feel to your corn snakes. These are flexible, twistable and bendable to create a perfect 3D jungle environment for the corn snake. Usually made with iron or special PU these vines look real and are easy to clean and maintain.

The size is approximately 2.5M/8ft long and the diameter is about 1 cm so they are pretty thin for the corn snake. Surface texture varies with the production process but they are perfect for your reptile to feel a real natural environment in an artificial setup.


Is there any replacement option available?
Customer satisfaction is our priority. You can buy our product with confidence. If don’t like it we offer a replacement or 100% Money-Back Guarantee. You can contact us anytime in case of an issue with the product.

How is it attached to the corn snake’s tank?
The reptile décor vine comes with 6 suckers for attachment. So you can easily fit the vine anywhere in the tank with the help of suckers.

Are these waterproof?
Yes, the reptile décor vines are waterproof and easily cleanable. These can be easily used in very humid environments too. The moisture-resistant ability of these vines makes them perfect for use in any type of setup for your corn snake.

Does bending cause any damage to the vines?
The low temperature in winters might cause cracks during bending. It is advisable to warm the vines up to 30 degrees C to soften the vines and avoid any damage. Avoid direct light on the vines to protect them from any possible damage.

How do the vines attach to the suction cups?
The package contains clips to attach the vines with the suction cups. Putting some warm water on the suction cups makes them attached for a longer period of time.

Bend-A-Branch Pet Décor

This 0.32 ounces, 6 feet long branch is a perfect climbing toy for your corn snake. It offers better support than the traditional vines. It gives a natural feel and looks to the arboreal snakes. The branch is made up of a hard foamy material with a hanger made of a metal rod which can be cut or trimmed into the desired size.

The metal rod inside is bendable and help to mold in desired shapes to give a natural look. The corn snake can lay on it or move across to play or climb. The color does not bleed and gives a real jungle feel to the habitat.


Does it mold with high humidity?
No these are moisture resistant and do not change shape in humid environments. The Styrofoam material can even be submerged in water tanks and it does not cause any damage to the branch or even its paint.

Does it break while bending?
These are not very stiff and bend easily but the coating might break while bending too tightly.

What is the thickness of the branch?
It is about 0.5 inches thick and strong enough for corn snake to climb easily.

How can it be attached to any surface? Are there any suction cups with it?
No, it doesn’t have any suction cups. You can attach it with the help of a steel wire or clips on any surface.

Is the material porous or does it soak up liquid?
No, the material is not porous and does not soak up liquid in your snake’s habitat. The outer coating is also hard enough to prevent soaking.

Is the material chewable?
The vines consist of soft rubber or plastic material which is only chewable with a strong jaw.

Fluker Labs Small animal Bend-A-Branch

Fluker labs bend a branch gives a perfectly natural look to any terrarium. A pack of 3 branches fits perfectly in your corn snake’s habitat to give it a real jungle look and more support than the traditional décor vines. The length of the branch is 6 feet, weight 5 ounces and the dimensions are 6 x 1 x 3 inches.

The cleaning of these branches is also very simple and easy..Just soak them in the vinegar solution for a few minutes and it comes out neat and clean without any damage to the coating or the material. The branches are bendable and thick enough for the corn snakes to climb easily.


How many sizes are available?
These branches come in 3 different sizes. Small, medium and large.

Do they harm the snake?
No, these branches will not harm the corn snake as they are made up of soft plastic or rubber material.

How can I attach it to the pet’s cage/tank?
Steel wires or clips are good to attach these branches to the surface.

How strong are these branches?
Fluker’s small animal bend a branch décor is stiff enough to bear the weight of your corn snake climbing over it.

How can I claim the warranty of the product?
For warranty and replacement issues, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Does bending cause any damage to the branch?
It is flexible enough to be molded into any desired shape. Bending does not cause any damage to the product however the coating may be damaged a little in case highly humid environment or direct light exposure.

Emours Reptile Décor

Natural wood branches give a real feel to both desert and rainforest terrariums. The variable size, texture, and shape of natural wood provide a proper climbing exercise to the corn snake. Each hand selected piece gives an appealing look to the corn snake’s habitat. Diameter is approximately 0.6 to 1.6 inches and length goes from 9.8 to 15.7 inches.

Basking on these natural woods will become the favorite hobby of your pet. Attractive stout and straight light brown natural wood will add a realistic touch to the appearance of any aquatic or terrestrial environment for your corn snake. The branches look like old hardwood branches which are easy to install in any setup. The 4 pieces set in one pack will be enough to enhance the beauty of any reptile’s habitat.


What are the product dimensions?
The product dimensions are 3.6 x 3.5 x 17.3 inches

What is the material of the product?
The décor is all natural wood. All the pieces are hand selected from natural trees. That is why the shape, size, and texture of each piece vary from the other.

What is the total weight of the product?
The total shipping weight will be around 1.6 pounds.

Can these be placed in the aquatic environment?
The branches can take 80-90% humidity. You can use them in both underwater and arid environments.

Are these good for baby corn snakes climbing?
Yes, the ½ inch diameter makes them good to go for the baby corn snakes too. With the growing size of snakes, the branches may need to be a larger sized one but it depends on the weight of your pet too.

What is the average size of the wood?
As the wood is natural, so size and texture vary accordingly but the average length is 25-40 cm and average diameter is 2-4cm.

Do they mold in humid environments?
There is a slight chance of mold while submerging them directly in water.

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