Do Snakes Make Good Pets – A beginners Guide


DO SNAKES MAKE GOOD PETS “Having pets is a great kind of stress reliever”. No, this isn’t what we say, in fact, it’s what the studies show. Keeping pets not only give a human company, in fact, they also helps in releasing stress when a person is feeling highly frustrated. We, as humans, have lost that human touch which we used to have centuries ago. A pat, a shoulder to cry upon, or someone who can hear our rants without any judgments has become quite rare in today’s age. Although, pets don’t ‘pat your shoulder’ or don’t give you a ‘shoulder’ to cry upon when you need the most, but just the presence of your pet can actually make your an otherwise awful day into a blissful one and can actually be really helpful in turning your mood on. – Do Snakes Make Good Pets


Not only that they give a person a great company, but studies also say that pets can actually have a very good effect on one’s health in other ways too. Some of them are as follows:

  • Pets are a great source for lowering one’s blood pressure.
  • They are also helpful in maintaining one’s cardiovascular health.
  • Since loneliness can stimulate stress, thus pets help in making a person feel lively and less lonely.
  • Studies show that pets can help in increasing one’s self-esteem as well as help a person in living in the present moment instead of stressing over nothing.
  • Some of the studies also show that pets help us in fulfilling our need for ‘touch’.
  • Well, last but not the least, pets with their teeny tiny body movements also help in making a person laugh which in result helps in uplifting a person’s mood.

These are just some of the benefits stated here. There are a lot more. Many people keep different pets that range from having cats and dogs to horses and peacocks. However, herein, we will be discussing having ‘snakes’ as pets, their types, and how you can look after them by giving them the required food and habitat.  – Do Snakes Make Good Pets


Well, before we proceed to the topic of how the snakes should be looked after, let us first discuss what kind of snakes can be kept as the pets first. This will give an idea to those readers of ours that have no idea about ‘pet snakes’ but are interested in keeping one.  – Do Snakes Make Good Pets


Corn snakes are one of the most readily available and famous pet snakes. The reason is that they are actually very flexible. Their length upon growing doesn’t become a cause of hassle since they can be easily put into small things width wise like gallons etc. – Do Snakes Make Good Pets


Next in our list is California King Snake. Well as is apparent from its name, they are actually a king in killing insects, rodents, and snakes. They can kill and eat the most vicious ones like ‘rattlesnakes. – Do Snakes Make Good Pets


Third in our list is of ‘Rosy Boa’. They hardly grow in size. The maximum they grow are into 4ft and not more than that. These ones aren’t really popular amongst those who keep snakes as pets. But still are good to keep as pets. – Do Snakes Make Good Pets


Being easy to find and reasonable to buy. The gopher snakes have the potential of growing into 4ft-6ft. Since they are heavy in weight as well, thus, their chances of living are up to 15 years or more


Ball Python is the last in our list which you can keep as pets. These ones are extremely popular because of their demeanor. These snakes are actually said to be kind of shy in their nature and thus people find it good for themselves. If you are looking for one pet snake then perhaps, you should start with the Ball Pythons. Their growth varies from females to males. The male ones don’t grow in length much. They hardly grow into 2ft to 3 ft. On the contrary, the female ones grow in 3ft to 5ft in length.

This was a bit about some of the famous pet snakes which you might be interested to keep. Now, we will be discussing how you can look after your snake if you have one or if you plan on having one.  – Do Snakes Make Good Pets


Looking after a snake comes in a variety of ways. From taking care of your snake’s food to its habitat, you are responsible for keeping your snake safe and alive if you are having one.

  • Arranging a Shelter for your snake: First off, you should set up a snake habitat where your snake can live comfortably and where you are comfortable to keep your snake in. We will discuss in the other section of this article on what kind of habitats you can opt for or how you can create one for your snake.
  • Feeding Your Snake On the second note point comes the food of the snake. It is important to note that you give your snake the right kind of food which it likes to have the most. What kind of food should be given or how to find out that what your snake likes the most is discussed in the section of ‘snake food’ Many people find it hard to feed their snakes. However, it’s not that hard once you have learned the right tips and tricks. – Do Snakes Make Good Pets
  • Keeping a Check on Your Snake’s Health: Last but not least, your snake will also need some check-up every now and then. You need to keep your snake healthy as well. It can be done in a number of ways. One of them is regularly visiting the vet of your snake who can keep a look onto your snake’s health. However, more details are discussed in our ‘Snake’s Health’ Scroll down to that section for reading the rest of the details on how you can keep your snake healthy, safe and secure for a longer period of time.  – Do Snakes Make Good Pets


You can set up your snake’s habitat in the following manner:

  • Buy Your Snake a Terrarium: Since snakes are not considered to be social, thus you’d be needing separate terrarium for your every snake if you plan on buying more than one. Your snake’s terrarium should be larger than its own size. Otherwise, your snake can escape its territory.
  • Use a Hidey Home: Most snakes like places which are dark and where they can occasionally hide. For this purpose, you can buy a holiday home for your pet snake and can put it in its terrarium. Just make sure that you buy such a home which is large enough for your snake’s body.
  • Use a Substrate Material: Substrate material will help in getting any urine or feces of your snake get soaked. While choosing a substrate, make sure that you don’t end up choosing one which might become toxic for your snake’s health. For example Aspen or pine shavings which sometimes contain volatile oil etc. Moreover, if you’re confused which kind of substrate should be used for your snake then better research on it as per your snake’s species. – Do Snakes Make Good Pets
  • Put some Rocks or Branches inside the Snake’s Terrarium: Snakes like to climb trees like things. While you cannot put a tree inside a snake’s terrarium, but you can give a feel of it by putting some rocks or branches inside your snake’s space. It will give your snake a feel of wild where they usually climb such things.
  • Keep a Heat Lamp inside: Because of snakes being cold-blooded, it is necessary that you keep the surroundings of your snake warm and heated. For doing this, you can use a heating lamp and can give your snake a warm feeling. Your snake will remain warm this way.  – Do Snakes Make Good Pets


There are a number of ways of giving food to your snakes. Some of them are as follows:

  • Keep your freezer stocked with ‘prey items: Snakes who live in jungles or in the wild normally find their own preys and hunt them on their own. They hunt their prey live. However, for pet snakes, it might not be possible. Thus, you’d need to get some ‘prey items’ from any nearby ‘pet stores’ for your snake. It is advised, though, that you should keep a separate freezer for storing or stocking the ‘prey items’ for your pet snake other than the one that you use for stocking your own.  – Do Snakes Make Good Pets

As for what kind of food is best suitable for your snake, then it really depends upon the kind of snake that you have. For finding out about this, research about the foods as per the species of your snake.

  • Feed Small Snakes at least Once or Twice a Week: Feeding a small or young snake at least once or twice a week is necessary. The older snakes don’t need the food as often as do the young snakes. They hardly need to be fed once a week or once every three weeks. To know whether your snake needs food or not then you can simply put some food before your snake. If it eats then it means that your snake needed food. If it doesn’t then no worries because your snake might not be hungry by then. To make sure that you are feeding your snake the right way then consult a nearby vet for regular consultancy. – Do Snakes Make Good Pets
  • Incite Your Snake Towards the Food: Many time snakes don’t feel hungry due to one reason or another. However, tempting them with some food can actually incite their hunger. ‘Wiggling’ the prey before them for some minutes can make them tempted towards the prey. This way they might actually show interest in eating if they don’t show it otherwise.
  • Cover the Place with Some Cloth: It is also tried and tested that if you cover the place where your snake is currently living with some cloth then it can show some interest in eating. Leave your snake for at least an hour or more than an hour and leave it until your snake is finished with the prey. – Do Snakes Make Good Pets
  • Feed Your Snake with ‘Live Prey’: Some pet snakes don’t eat ‘dead’ rodents, insects or anything of that kind. They prefer live things instead. If that’s the case with your pet snake then try buying some living rodents, mice, insects for your snake and put them before the snake. And allow your snake to hunt the prey on its own. Also, keep an eye on your snake as well as the rodents that you are providing to your snake. If your snake doesn’t eat the rodent that you provide then the rodent can actually hurt the snake. So be vigilant in this case.  – Do Snakes Make Good Pets


Your snake not only needs a shelter or some food, in fact, your snake also needs constant checkup regarding its health. For keeping a check on your snake’s health, do the following:

  • Your Snake Should Shed Skin: Keep an eye on your snake’s skin shedding time. Snake shed skin quite often. Young snakes do it more often than the older ones. Older ones shed the skin once in every three or six months. If your snake doesn’t shed skin then make sure that you get your snake checked up for any sort of health issues.
  • Keep Your Snake’s Territory Clean: Regularly clean your snake’s habitat/cage/terrarium. Make sure that while doing this task, you have your gloves and goggles on because the habitats of snakes contain quite venomous bacteria. At least clean the full tank/cage/terrarium of your snake once a month and also keep a check on a daily basis.
  • Get Your Snake Checked on Regular Basis: If your snake starts showing weird signs like being lethargic; or the underside of your snake starts showing pink hue, or the snake is not shedding its skin as it should, or any other signs which might be alarming for you then immediately consult your nearest vet.  – Do Snakes Make Good Pets

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