How to Tame a Snake in 7 Easy Steps

How to Tame a Snake

How to Tame a Snake.  Are you a snake collector?  Do you take snakes directly out of the wild?  Do you struggle to tame these little beasts?

If you answer yes to any of the above then you are in luck.  I will help you tame your snake 🙂

For the snake owner and enthusiast, this is a question that will be asked.  Especially when taking them directly out of the wild.  Taking snakes directly out of their natural habitat can be very dangerous.   Collecting snakes from the wild is best left for the professionals.

You cannot just take any snake without knowing what you dealing with.  Taking the wrong snake out of their habitat will cause a problem for you and them.  This will not be great at all! – How to Tame a Snake


Snakes get tamer the more their owners handle them.  They will at times relate you to feeding time.  Because of this, they will get used to you around them.  The more you handle them the more they will get used to your touch.

Most snakes will remain wild though.  I do not think that any snake will be 100% tamed.


Picking up a potentially venomous snake can be deadly.  Most venomous snakes are deadly and can kill you in a couple of minutes.  Make sure you know what you are handling and make sure you have the correct equipment.


You will need to purchase a snake hook and a pair of welding gloves.  Capturing the snake will require the use of the handle. The material of the gloves are super thin but no snake fang will penetrate the leather.

Even nonvenomous snake will try to strike you.  Their saliva contains a non-coagulantThis means you will bleed a lot more than usual. – How to Tame a Snake


So you have captured your new pet snake from the wild.  It will take a snake about 3 weeks before they become accustomed to their new surroundings. Most snakes that are purchased from a pet shop will already be tamed or close to it.  This is obviously because they have been fed and handled by humans.  So they know that humans pose them no harm. – How to Tame a Snake


The first thing to do is to make sure your snake is in their enclosure.  Once they are in their new home you will need to leave them there for a couple of days without handling them.  They must get used to their new environment and this is the best way to start.


Do not handle the snake just feed them with some tongs.  This will show them that they can trust you.  And as I said above this will make them relate you to feeding time. – How to Tame a Snake


As time passes you can start feeding them with the pair of welding gloves.  After some time they will start to trust you and will know that you won’t do any harm to them.


Once you have fed them for a couple of days with the welding glove.  You can then gently start holding onto them.  Make sure to keep your welding gloves one.

How To Tame A Snake

Do not take them out just yet.  Your snake needs to know that you will not eat it.  That is why they will try and protect themselves.  You might notice that the snake will strike at your glove.  The strike will not hurt you at all.  The leather from the glove will protect your hand. – How to Tame a Snake


After a couple of days of holding them and feeding them with the glove, you must then start the next step.  The next step will be to slowly start taking them out of their enclosure.  Do not move too fast near them.   You need to show them that you are not a threat. Do not move your hand even when they have bitten the glove.


Once you have taken them out you need to be super careful.  Handle the snake with great care.  The key to this exercise is to show them you are not a predator.


After doing the above for a couple of weeks the snake will start getting used to you.  You will, however, get some bites from them, especially if they are super wild and aggressive.  You will be lucky not to 🙂

Actually once they out the cage they start relaxing.  The whole grabbing them makes them frightened.  Thye must learn that humans will do them no harm.  Most snakes feel threatened by humans.  They will only strike when frightened.  Their strike is 99% defensive.

How To Tame A Snake


As long as the snake is non-venomous it will do you no harm.  Most snakes will carry bacteria in their mouths or salmonella.  So if your snake does bite you do not panic.  Calmly take the snake off of where it is biting.  Most of the time the snake bite will be quick as it would have happened by accident.  This can especially happen while feeding.

Most of these bites will hurt a little but a thorough clean up with soap will do the trick.  If it has torn open some skin call your doctor after cleaning it. – How to Tame a Snake


It is virtually impossible to teach a snake not to bite. Snakes bite out of defense.  The best way to avoid a snake bite is to know when and why a snake will bite you.  Also the more you handle a snake the less chance it will bite you while handling them.  Below are some reasons that a snake will bite, keep in mind that this all depends on the snake itself.


  1. When feeding a snake you will need to be careful around their mouths.  This is because the snake might sometimes get muddled with your finger and a mouse.  The best way to feed a snake is by using tongs.  This way the snake will not by accident bite your finger.  Hoping it caught a nice tasty mouse.
  2. After you have handled food your fingers might smell like food to them. They will then bite thinking your finger is food.  Always wash your hands before handling the snake again.
  3. A snake might bite if you startle it or moving quickly towards it.  This might cause the snake to become defensive so will strike you in defense.
  4. Do not handle a snake after it has eaten.  Some snakes might become agitated.  This is because you can hurt the snake and this once again will cause the snake to bite in defense.
  5. Do not try to handle a snake that has recently laid eggs.  The mother snake might be a little disorientated.  This will cause the snake to strike you.
  6. If you tease your snake or move your finger around in front of them.  This might cause them to bite you.  Basically, DO NOT TEASE your snake. – How to Tame a Snake


Taming a snake from wild is possible.  It will take some time and patience.  DO not rush this process as it can harm you and your pet.  Please leave a comment here below and let me know any other ways to tame a snake.  Please take some time to read: GARTER SNAKE CARE – THE ULTIMATE CARE GUIDE IN 2019



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