The Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Review

When you have got a pet reptile, what you need for them is the perfect terrarium. They apparently can’t just creep around the house. Why a terrarium? Can’t they be kept in any container of their size? Well, no! A terrarium will host your pet better than just any other container. You can place plants there for effective ventilation, as your pet gets the opportunity to live a peaceful domesticated life.

The Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium

To have a reptile or an amphibian as a pet is a fascinating thing. Unlike usual pets, they require a different and unique kind of atmosphere. Before getting a reptile or an amphibian as a pet, one has to learn about their lifestyle and the particular conditions they need to survive.

Not just reptiles, terrariums can also be used as a part of home décor. It comes in many shapes and sizes. You can put up small plants in them and hang it at some place in the house. Or you can use it to house your reptile.


Make your pet feel at home. Exo Terra produces terrariums that are versatile and easily accessible. Over the years Exo Terra has been able to capture the essentials of what reptiles need and also produce the same.

The company being reptile hobbyists are dedicated to producing terrariums comfortable for the reptiles. It is done with the expert supervision of many renowned Herpetologists. The use of a realistic landscape in the terrarium has made people aware of the environmental conditions necessary for reptiles. It is an excellent opportunity for people to learn about reptiles and many other aspects of them.

Exo Terra has now become a leading company to produce innovative and creative products. Because of its more realistic and naturalistic landscapes.  Reptile and amphibian keeping has become more comfortable and convenient than ever.


Exo Terra natural glass terrarium is an ideal choice for reptiles or amphibians. Specialist European herpetologists have designed it. The product ensures that your reptilian friend gets the best place to find shelter.  This within the confinement of your apartment.

The doors open in the front and allow easy access. This makes it easier for feeding and maintenance. The lock is specially designed, which prevents escape and the doors can be opened separately. It has full-screen top ventilation. This allows the UVB and infrared rays to enter quickly. It has complete removable access for cleaning or decorating. There are five closable wire or tube inlets at the back to install Heat Wave Rock Waterfalls or sensors. The bottom part of the terrarium is raised to a height for a substrate heater for heating the ground surface.

The terrarium comes with:

  1. Front Window Ventilation.
  2. Waterproof Bottom.
  3. Dual Doors for an escape free access.
  4. Raised bottom frame.
  5. Stainless steel mesh cover.
  6. Locks to prevent escape.
  7. Secure twist screen cover lock.
  8. Closable inlets for wires and tubing.
  9. Cutouts in the back for wires or tubes.

This Exo-Terra natural glass terrarium comes with an included background. The easy to cut natural background creates an incredible and natural look. This background creates a multi-dimensional habitat for climbing reptiles. It creates a perfectly harmonized environment. 




A terrarium proves to be the most crucial aspect of the amphibian and reptile keeping. There are many species of reptiles and amphibian.  And all of them have different requirements. These require versatile and adaptable terrariums.

Exo Terra has specially designed terrariums according to the needs of the herpetologists, people who have studied reptiles. And this makes these terrariums unique because each differs from one another in its features. These terrariums can also be used for several other applications. They can be used in the house as well as reptile houses.


  • The Exo-Terra natural glass terrarium is designed professionally. That way the first look of the terrarium gives off a smart and unique vibe to it. The terrarium has a combination of glass and black plastic which gives it a classic look. With Exo-Terra glass terrarium there are hardly any chances of scratches and also no concern for humidity.
  • This terrarium has a removable mesh lid. It, therefore, becomes more comfortable to put any kind of décor items you wish. Also, you can clean the tank from the top and keep a healthy environment for your pet. The lid has holes that allow proper ventilation.
  • Keeping the environment warm is very necessary for your reptile or amphibian pets. Exo-Terra terrarium has a full glass structure from the front. It heats up the temperatures inside enough for the pets to stay. It also has a frame structure inside at the bottom, so that you can attach a heater if needed.
  • You can also fit wires effortlessly in this terrarium. There are special provisions for you to set UV light above the lid. Apart from that, there are different electric holes where you can fit other electrics like the thermostats, heaters or hygrometers. The holes are closable, so it is easier to keep it all organized and will give it a more arranged look.
  • The Exo-Terra natural glass terrariums also have a unique door locking system. This keeps your pets from escaping the terrarium. They also come with a range of specially designed side accessories. For example the UVB light or the heater at the bottom. And the unique feature about this is it will fit almost all the terrariums.
  • The best thing about the Exo-Terra terrariums is that they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This way, you have a house for all your exotic species of reptiles. Choose from the options given and according to the requirements of your pet.


The Exo-Terra Natural glass Terrarium is perfect for almost all kinds of reptiles. You can keep a baby Gecko, a Leopard Gecko, snakes, African land snails, chameleons, etc. And because of the smart lock system, your pets won’t be able to escape, and you can ensure complete security. Apart from just pets, you can also have plants in the terrarium like the pitcher plant.


It is not heated, though the glass front helps to keep the heat. But you can install the heater at the bottom according to the needs of your pet. Also, installing a heater won’t be much of a fuss because the terrarium comes with an elevated bottom and electric holes which makes it easier to install heaters.


The Exo-Terra terrariums come in all shapes and sizes. Best suitable for your exotic reptile pets, you can also use it as a piece of décor. The frames of the terrariums are made up of stainless steel. This makes sure there is no rust, and the frame becomes durable for a more extended period. It has a beautiful and realistic background. This makes your pets feel at home. It also has front doors, which makes it easier to clean or to change the décor if needed. With the top lid mesh with fine holes, these terrariums have proper ventilation.


With full front glass doors, there are chances that you may receive a broken glass. If by chance you have jumping pets, they can easily reach the top. These terrariums are heavier as compared to the wooden or plastic cages.


With the Exo-Terra natural glass terrariums, you have the main advantage of the safety of your pets. It has got almost everything in it, an ethical framework, comfortable space, durability and other features specially designed for reptiles or amphibians.

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