Corn Snake Accessories – 5 Great Accessories for your Corn Snake

Corn snakes are one of the most popular pet snakes. These corn snakes accessories are extremely important for the long-term health of your snake. The corn snake can suffer from a critical disease if the habitat is not set properly.

Corn Snake Accessories

Xyz Corn Snakes Corn Snake Kit 10 Gallon Terrarium Starter Habitat Setup

This new Corn Snake Kit ensures that your corn snakes feel comfortable in the new house. The setup includes 1-3 Quart bag of Carib sea coco soft corn snake’s fiber bedding created with habitat for your snake. A digital thermometer keeps on guiding you regarding the actual temperature.

A natural looking tree is also a part of the package which will ensure that the corn snake feels safe and secure. One of the biggest advantages of snake kit is it does not absorb any bacteria stain or leak.


What is the weight of the product?
The total weight of the product is 2.6 pounds.

Can we set the temperature manually?
Yes, you can set the temperature manually. See the manual for further information.

What is included in the kit?
The kit includes the glass tank, screen cover, temperature gauge, and setup guide.

Does corn snake kit ensure the health of my snake?
Yes, xyzCorn snakes Corn Snake Kit design is such that it will ensure the health and safety of your snake. Your corn snake will love the natural atmosphere of the habitat.


Hanging vines for corn snakes

Reptiles especially corn snakes love the woodland environment where they hide and rest. Pet reptiles such as corn snakes can get this facility in tanks through hanging vines which give a perfect natural jungle look to any terrarium. These hanging vines consist of polyethylene non-toxic material and have suction cups for attachment with the tank.

These suction cups are in different numbers depending on the size and dimensions. There are different styles available for hanging vines such as Pothos, purple Coleus, English Ivy and Red Coleus and are usually 6 feet in length and can be used in a tank with heat lamps of 95-160wtt. Your corn snake will love the natural look of these hanging vines. No battery is required for these vines and hence they are the easy to use accessory for your corn snake’s habitat. The dimensions of hanging vines are 10 x 3 x 12 inches.


What are the risks associated with hanging vines?
Hanging vines have a metal wire inside them so rusting will occur if it breaks. Excessive humidity damages the suction cups and may cause shedding of leaves.

How can we use these vines in a mesh cage?
With the help of clips and command strips, these vines can also be used in mesh cages. Suction cups usually don’t work well in this case. Paper clips are another alternative in place of suction cups in mesh cages.

Should these vines need regular washing?
There’s no need to wash hanging vines regularly as they consist of non-toxic polyethylene material. But if you wish to play safe, you can use mild soap or vinegar solution to clean them

How many vines do I need to fill my reptile’s cage?
The dimensions are 10 x 3 x 12 inches and usually, one vine is enough to fill an averagely sized cage.

Can small corn snakes climb these vines?
Yes, small reptiles can climb over these vines if hanging low. You should fix these hanging vines at the top of the tank with suction cups or clips to keep out of reach of baby corn snakes.


Reptile heating pads for corn snakes

Heating Pad provides heat where your animals need it. These pads can be utilized under a terrarium, vivarium, and habitat. Reptile Under Tank Heating Pad is specially designed and gives a safe and secure environment to your corn snakes. Heating Pads are great for those corn snakes which need 24/7 heat consistently. The heating pad is suitable for snakes, lizards, spiders, and crawlers too.

Reptile heating pads are available in elegant design which gives a more premium look. The heating pad is suitable for corn snakes as well. The temperature of the Reptile heating pad is controllable at three different levels. You can adjust the temperature of the heating pad from 20° C to 35° C.

The heating pad design is such that you can use it outside with the help of the power bank. The material of the heating pad is easy to clean as the surface of the healing pad contains hydrophobic properties. Reptile under Tank Heating Pad is available in small 3.9”x7.8” (10x20cm), medium 5.9”x11” (15x28cm) and large 7.8”x9.8” (20x25cm) size.


Can I roll/fold the heating pad?
The heating pad is not made up of flexible material. Do not fold or roll up the heating pad. This could irreparably damage the heating pad.

Can I use the heating pad as a pillow?
Reptile Heating Pad should not be placed under the body. Do not use the heating pad as a pillow or put heavy objects on it. These are only to be used for reptile terrariums such as corn snakes’ habitats. Pressure on the heating pad can damage it internally.

Can we wash the heating pad?
It is possible to wash the separate cover but don’t use the heating pad if damp or wet. Avoid placing the heating pad in humid places without cover.

What payment options are available?
You can pay through your debit or credit card online.

Can we cut or bend the product?
No, bending or cutting the product may affect the usability of the product or the product may damage permanently. Keep the heating pad in a straight position and avoid placing any sharp objects near it.

Is there any replacement option available for damaged heating pads?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer any replacements of the products damaged by rolling, folding, cutting or bending. Damage caused by water or humidity is also not replaceable.


Zilla Reptile Starter Kit 10 with Light and Heat for corn snakes

Zilla Reptile Starter Kit is an ideal place for desert-dwelling animals and for tropical corn snakes. A special dome light is installed in each kit to provide heat and light to the corn snakes. The screen cover will keep your critter safe and secure. A temperature gauge will keep you aware of the inside environment of the Zilla Reptile Starter Kit.

A night black radiant bulb is not bright enough and do not distract your reptile. You need to consult with Zilla habitat guide to ensure the right amount of temperature and heat that your snake requires. Total weight of the kit is 18.2 pounds and the dimensions of the product are 20.2 x 10.5 x 12.6 inches.

The terrarium has an easy setup process which you will get on your way quickly.
Desert Reptile kit includes the following items; A screen cover, Reflective domes for humidity and temperature, Temperature gauge and a black terrarium liner.


What are the dimensions of the product?
The dimensions of Zilla Reptile Starter Kit 10 with Light and Heat Is 20.2 x 10.5 x 12.6 inch.

From where I can claim the warranty of the product?
Our customer service center deals with the warranty of the products.

What is the weight of Zilla Reptile Starter Kit 10 with Light and Heat?
The total weight of the product is approximately 18.2 pounds.

How many lights are there in Zilla Reptile Starter Kit 10?
There are two 5.5” reflective dome lights in the Zilla Reptile Starter Kit 10.

How can we adjust the temperature switch?
See the user manual before using the temperature switch.


Amphibian Reptile Tank Heating Rock for corn snakes

Heat rock is one of the best budget-friendly solutions to keep your corn snakes in the most appropriate temperature. There are several options available to provide adequate lighting and heating solutions to corn snakes. One of the biggest challenges is to find a solution that fits the needs of the reptile about the budget of the owner. Amphibian Reptile Tank Heating Rock is one of the best solutions for reptile owners. The Reptile Tank Heating Rock have no toxic, no odor and made with special food grade resin material. One of the biggest specialties of Reptile Tank Heating Rock that it automatically starts heating when the temperature is below 25 °C and automatically trips when the temperature reaches 38 °C. An indicator light in the tank shows the heating status. Amphibian Reptile Tank Heating Rock is also a decoration for the snake habitat.


What is the dimension of Amphibian Reptile Tank Heating Rock?
Amphibian Reptile Tank Heating Rock is available in three different sizes small, medium and large. The dimension is, 5.5” *4.7”, 7” *5.5” and 10.6*7”.

Is it easy to use?
Amphibian Reptile Tank Heating Rock has automatic control for the temperature to stimulate natural environment, and high-quality plug with safety certification to confidently use it for heating corn snake tanks.

How safe it is for the corn snakes?
The Rock material is non-toxic Safe food grade stuff and is odorless. The automatic temperature control also keeps the habitat’s atmosphere just like the natural environment. Indicator light showing hating status also keeps you aware of the temperature of your corn snake’s habitat.



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