Funny Snake Names

Funny Snake Names – Great Name Ideas For Your Pet Snake

There are more than 3,000 snake species in the world. Snakes are a fascinating, intelligent, mysterious breed with their forked tongues flicking this way and that. When it comes to naming these slithery cold-blooded creatures you can actually have fun looking for suitable names.

There are absolutely no rules to naming your reptile, and some people might be interested to give their pet a name usually reserved for dragons or even dinosaurs.

General Names Ideas for SnakesDragon Type Names


Look at some of these Dragon-type names and see what you think.

  • Herbert – comes out the book ‘The Timid Dragon’ by Mercer Mayer. Herbert is actually shy and nervous but he dreams of being a knight in shining armor.
  • Norbert – this was Hagrid’s pet dragon in the Harry Potter series.
  • Saphira – if you’ve got a beautiful female snake, Saphira was a wise, beautiful dragon from the book series Eragon. In fact, Eragon makes a good name for your distinguished-looking pet as well.
  • Grimlock – this was the name of the T-Rex Dinobot from the Transformers series. It’s a great name for any cool pet snake.

You can’t really imagine any living thing without a name really.  They’re nameless, a nobody, they’re incomplete. If you’re clueless about finding an apt name for your serpent, you don’t have to delay naming your snake for a lack of ideas.

There are literally so many names for pet snakes on the Internet.

You don’t have to agonize over coming up with something completely new and unique for your reptile pet. There are already a lot of great names for pet snakes out there, and no matter what you name your snake, the name you choose will become special.

You snake will  ‘grow’ into his name.  It just works that way – with the name you give your reptile, you’re actually putting your own personal stamp on your pet.

Stylish Snake Names

Some really stylish fun names for your pet include –

  • Serpico
  • Coral
  • Streak
  • Noodles
  • Slip
  • Slickster
  • Monty the Python
  • William Shakespeare
  • King William

There are thousands of people all over the world who keep pet snakes. They are people who love their mysterious beauty of snakes. They look for unusual names for their cold-blooded friends – a name that wraps up what the snake represents for them.

Some people don’t try and think up original names. They just want to give their collection of snakes an ordinary, straightforward name to identify them with.

They give their snakes boring names such as S1, S2, S3, S4 and so on. Or they just call them Blacky, Red or Daisy.

If you want your snake to have more of an exotic name in keeping with its royal, regal looks, you will find many such names –

Female Royalty Names

  • Alexandra – Queen Alexandra of Denmark and Great Britain.
  • Rania – the consort of King of Jordan, Abdullah bin Hussain.
  • Grace – an American actress who became a Princess of Monaco.
  • Alice – the daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
  • Catherine – better known as Kate Middleton and Duchess of Cambridge.
  • Helena – 3rd daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
  • Diana

Male Royalty Names

  • Arthur – a legendary medieval king of England.
  • Henry VIII – a popular king who had 6 wives, 2 of whom he beheaded.
  • Charles – Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and heir apparent of the British royal throne.
  • Frederick – crown Prince Frederick of Denmark – heir apparent to the Danish throne.
  • James – King James I of Scotland and England united the two kingdoms.
  • Leopold or Leo – prince and Duke of Albany, son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Large Snake Names

If you’ve opted to keep one of the giant snakes as a pet, you’ll want an impressive name to fit its awesome looks. Here are some ‘big snake’ names to think of that might just suit your large snake –

  • Asmodeus
  • Muscles
  • Basilisk
  • Titanoboa
  • Hydra
  • Long Shlong

When naming a graceful, long, snake with remarkable beady eyes, the options can be limitless. It is not as if your pet snake is going to recognize his name, but it’s nice to give him a name instead of always referring to him as ‘my pet snake’.

Intelligent Names

You might think that your snake is more intelligent than the next and you may believe that an ‘intelligent’ name is what your reptile deserves. Some names to ponder over for an intelligent breed are –

  • Cleopatra
  • Einstein
  • Medusa
  • Striker
  • Genius
  • Smart-Ass
  • Mind Games
  • Reptilligent
  • 4 Eyes

In storybooks, we’ve no doubt all come across feathered serpents who creep on the ground but who also have the ability to fly. You might fancy the name Kukoldkan, which means  Plumed Serpent, and which is the name of a Mesoamerican serpent deity.

Awanyu is another mystical plumed serpent, and you’ll find this snake appearing on the walls of caves found high above canyon rivers in Arizona.

Think carefully about what name you want to give your snake because apart from nick-names, your snake will have his name for life.

Maybe you could consider a name for your beautiful snake in keeping with his magnificent skin color and patterns.

Snakes Morphs

Snake Names For Light Colored Snakes

Some names that you might want to think of for light-colored snakes –

  • Biscuit
  • Dazzle
  • Glacier
  • Glimmer
  • Luna
  • Feather
  • Buttermilk
  • Cloud
  • Marshmallow
  • Albino

The best part about owning a snake is that they are ideal for people living in flats. When you get to choose your snake there is a huge variety to choose from.

There are long- or short snakes, venomous and non-venomous snakes, and each breed of snake has a set of different characteristics that set them apart from others.

Double-Barrel Snake Names

There are no rules today that your snake has to have a single name, and there are some cool double-barrel names that can be given to your pet too.

  • Kaa – this is a popular name for a large snake. This was the name of the giant snake out of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’. He snake was portrayed as a villain.
  • Beatrix Kiddo
  • Vernita Green
  • Shot Gun

These two names were inspired by a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, coming from the Kill Bill movies.

Snakes are fascinating but may not be suitable as pets for everyone. However, if you have already made up your mind to get a snake as a pet, it is time now to name it.

Naming a pet can be a tricky task because the name you give him makes him part of your family. This is a pet who won’t respond to its name, but a feel-at-home ambiance is the best way to welcome it.

Factors that determine super names for your pet are color and patterns, size, age, gender and personality of your snake. Select the name that is most appropriate and fitting.



Some names that might indicate the personality of your snake can be:

  • Mr Aloof
  • Angry
  • Arctic
  • Vampirella
  • Bad Girl
  • Bathory
  • Psycho
  • Black Ice
  • Rogue
  • Sugar Rush
  • Black Velvet
  • Black Widow

Popular Novel Name Ideas for your snake

Then again, your snake might remind you of some characters out of popular novels such as Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. You might like Yuri or Larissa. This might lead you to look at exotic names from Russia for instance.

  • Maximilian is a strong, powerful name that can be shortened to Max. Maximillian means ‘The Great’ and it can suit any snake really, particularly larger snakes. There are many snakes that give the appearance of strength and power.
  • Rasputin – this name is associated with mysticism and inner power – characteristics of every snake. A name like this is ideal for a snake that has an inner power about him.
  • Boris – this name means ‘Fighter’, a name full of attitude and resolute determination – the perfect name for a snake.
  • Anastasia is a beautiful name for a female snake as it means Grand Princess.

Snake names that are Just Plain Cool

Every snake has its own unique behavior and some even have funny characteristics, eye colors, coat color, and personality. There are so many cool names that just describe snakes in a simple way –

  • Ash
  • Azure
  • Dove
  • Cinder
  • Dusty
  • Tempest
  • Indigo
  • Midnight
  • Misty
  • Rain
  • Silver
  • Dude
  • Shizzle
  • Shizzle Nizzle
  • Nizzle

There are snakes that come from all corners of the world and many of the most splendid come from Africa.  The African continent is home to some amazing snake species.

What is fascinating is that some of them are among the world’s most dangerous.

Some African snakes are the Mozambique Spitting Cobra, Gaboon Viper, Black Mamba, Cape Cobra and the Eastern Green Mamba among many others.


Many people in Africa love going out in wilderness areas to see where these snakes are to be found.

Ball Pythons

The Ball Python, a popular pet snake species, comes from Africa. Some wonderful names to give this snake from Africa include –

  • Gamba – Warrior
  • Jomo – Burning Spear
  • Kita – Firm in the face of danger
  • Hala – Glorious
  • Eze- king
  • Fari – Queen

There are many snake breeds – some are native to your country, while others are exotic snake species.  Snakes make great pets, but the idea of bonding with a pet snake may seem impossible. How do you choose a name then?

Funny Snake Names

There are those who have owned snakes and who claim their snakes know- and recognize them – even if it is just a tiny bit. Based on this, they find a name to suit their slithery, elusive pet.

Most Pet Names are Human Names

As a pet lover, you may regard your pet as a full member of your family. It isn’t surprising then that most pet names are human names. People essentially name their pets as they would name one of their children.

Of course, many pet names are based on the pet’s personality and appearance.

When it comes to appearance, snakes are long, slender reptiles. They slither along the ground on their bellies and go up into trees. They can also coil themselves up.

Their different colors and patterns are an inspiration for names such as Sage, Fern, Coral, Leaf, and others.

Snakes – they Don’t Relish Being Touched

True, when it comes to keeping a reptile as a pet, you have less choice when it comes to personality and names. These beady-eyed, cold-blooded creatures are far more clinical in their approach to feelings and relationships.

The truth is, snakes don’t relish being touched and handled as a dog does. You will still, however, need to have contact each day with your serpent-pet, getting it used to human contact.

A snake actually relies on a consistently repetitive routine when it comes to feeding and cleaning the tank.

Every reptile does come with some very basic emotions – fear and aggression, but there are snake experts who say that your pet snake can show pleasure when you offer it food or you stroke it. Anger your snake, and he’ll hiss and may even strike out at you.

 A Flicker of Recognition – It’s Essentially all  you’ll Get

When all is said and done, snake experts advise you to not force your reptile to respond in any way you want. It is thought that snakes haven’t developed the emotion to love Essentially, the most you can expect from your snake is a flicker of recognition.

If you are planning on handling your reptile regularly, start contact while it is young so that the snake learns to accept human contact.

Your Snake’s Behavior gives a Hint for a Name

Being in tune with your pet’s behavior will give you ideas of a name for it. Once you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with your species of reptile, coming up with a name will be a lot easier.

Many first-time snake owners start off with a Corn Snake. These are small snakes, they’re non-venomous and they’re docile and calm –  ideal for first-timers.  They can even be passed around a bit with kids who are disciplined, calm and quiet around them.

They’re native to the southern regions of the USA. Corny though it may be, have you thought of naming your female corn snake Cornelia?

Think Up your own Unique, Personalized Name

There is nothing to say you have to give your pet a funny or unique name that somebody else has thought of. If you’re a snake owner, you know that your snake is different and has its own personality. Be original and choose a name that you have thought up yourself.

Who knows, it may be so funny and appropriate, other people may want to give their pet snake the name too. Your pet snake is special and deserves an utterly unique name that comes with love from you.

Your snake may be intelligent, gentle, shy or naughty, and you’ll want a name to match his demeanor. When it comes to funny snake names for these beautiful, slithery creatures, you can have fun looking for a name.

When naming a graceful, long, snake with wonderfully colored skin, the options for naming the serpent can be pretty much limitless.

Will My Snake Recognize its name?

True, your beautiful snake won’t learn to recognize its name, but having a name just makes a cold-blooded reptile more pet-like.

Think carefully about what name you want to give your snake because apart from nick-names, your snake will have this name for life.

Apart from the Corn Snake, first-time pet snake owners like to keep a Ball Python. This is a smallish, docile snake species. Starting off with a pet snake like this can be a rewarding experience. Funny snake names that suit this particular snake can be Monty Python or Rumplesnakeskin.

Ideas for Naming your Pet Snake

When you get to choose a name for your snake there is a huge variety to choose from. There are long- and short snakes, there are venomous and non-venomous snakes, bland looking snakes and super colorful snakes. Some snakes have rattles in their tails and some want to exaggerate their body size to dissuade predators.

Movies Inspire many Snake Names

Cobras exhibit distinct hoods before spitting. Most times the Cobra resembles any other snake, but it rises up, flattening its head into the snake’s trademark hood. Cobras do this to look larger when they are disturbed and feel they are in danger.

There are people who are fans of characters in books or movies and a Cobra snake for them represents the villains or superheroes. They like names such as Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Mufasa or Lex Luthor.

There have been many movies made about snakes – ‘Snakes on a Plane’, ‘Anaconda’, ‘King Cobra’, ‘Venom’, ‘Rattlers’, ‘Snake Island’ and so the list goes on. Whether from video games, television or even cartoon or animated snake movies, you can find lists of the greatest snakes of all time and their names.

What other names for snakes have appeared in Movies

Other names for snakes which have appeared in movies are Sir Hiss from Robin Hood, Jafar from Aladdin, Cobra Commander, Slippy, Kaa from the Jungle Book and Orochimaru.

There are lots of factors that determine suitable names for your pet snake. These are color, age, size, gender, and personality.

There are some ordinary names but there are also other strange sounding names. When you translate them, they have meanings which could well suit the very nature of your pet.

If you look at your pet snake as a ray of sunshine in your life, you may want to give it an odd name with appropriate meaning. Weird names like this instigate a conversation with people who want to know where the name comes from.

‘Luchik’ for instance, is a Russian name which means ‘little ray of light’.

Just remember that your pet snake will need a name that is easy to pronounce otherwise you may get tongue-tied.

Some Funny Pet Snake Names based on Gender


Funny Snake Names

This name means ‘fighter’, and although you may have a docile Ball Python as a pet, this is a name full of attitude – the perfect name for a snake who knows exactly what it wants from life.


This is a slang word for a city slicker or fashionable guy. It’s a popular name for the Boa species of a snake because of the iridescent shimmer of its scales, particularly under the light. They’re popular snakes in the pet trade and are found throughout Central and South America.


Anastasia means  ‘Grand Princess’. It also means regal, forbidding and elegantly beautiful. The name suits many beautiful female snake species.

Another snake species that shimmers like a royal crown with rainbow iridescence is the Formosan odd-scaled snake.

It’s a snake found in Taiwan and islands of Japan and is harmless to humans. Under the light, it has amazing colors.

Other popular names for female snakes are Eve, Pearl and Alice.

Dove – a Humorous Name for a Feisty Serpent

A funny name

The Forest Cobra is one of the largest of the Cobras, and adults are a shiny brown/black/gray/silver color. It’s a shy snake but one which is venomous. A funny name for a snake like this is ‘Dove’, as she is anything but demure and timid.

Other people, in looking for a name for the female Forest Cobra, might be inclined to choose a name like Misty. They are, of course, referring to the movie ‘Play Misty for Me’ where a male disc jockey has a brief fling with a crazed, obsessed female fan.

The fan resorts to deadly tactics to wipe him out as well as the new woman in his life.

Some people look at Hollywood stars to provide their snake with a glamorous name. Others name their pets after the characters in popular movies or books. Who can forget the devious serpent in the Garden of Eden?

It is this very serpent that has caused so many people to specifically look for a name that has connotations with evil intent. Eve, Satan, Darkness and Lucifer are just some of the names reserved for some snakes.

Tickle your fancy?

Any of these snake names tickle your fancy? Some species of snakes really make cool pets, and a great way to give your special pet a name is to first study your pet’s habits and then name it by its looks or personality.

Snakes are such intriguing creatures, but let’s face it – you have to be careful because the name you give your snake can ultimately give something away of what your personality is.

People who are involved with their pets have a deep influence on them, even snakes. By giving your snake an appropriate name, you will be giving him the edge.

The name you give your snake is the foundation on all he represents for you. The name you give your snake sums up his character and precisely what he’s about.

What snake names tickle your fancy? What name have you come up with for your cool, independent slithery friend? With this list, you’ve got all the inspiration you need to give the important serpent in your life an adequate name.

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