How to Lure a Snake out of Hiding – the Best Way to Remove Snakes

Snakes try to avoid humans at all costs – they sense danger and they can feel the animosity coming from some humans who don’t understand snakes.

For time immemorial snakes have been portrayed as evil and deceptive when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Humans can’t do without snakes as they serve an integral role in the ecosystem and in the entire circle of life.

They remove rodents and even ticks through consumption, lowering the chances of humans picking up harmful illnesses such as Lyme disease.

Most Snakes are Just Defending Themselves

Generally, snakes are non-aggressive, even the venomous ones, and if disturbed, they try to escape. If escape is impossible they bring out all the ‘aggressive tactics’ to warn a human off. They –

  • rattle their tails
  • hiss
  • spread their hoods
  • curl up into a ball
  • release a foul-smelling odor
  • bite out of desperation

The movements of snakes have been shrouded in misunderstanding for centuries.  But thanks to the popularity of TV programs such as ‘Snakes in the City’, people are being educated about the value of snakes and how to never harm them.

Herpetologist Siouxsie Gillett and Simon Keys rescue and rehome snakes found in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Other herpetologists will tell us that snakes have been given a bad reputation by people who most times blabber untruths about them when they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Many of these herpetologists have been bitten by highly poisonous snakes but bear these slithery serpents no malice.

Only Education can change the Mindsets of People Towards Snakes

Very few people like to know that there is a snake in or near their home. For them, when a snake moves into their home or garden, it doesn’t matter what species it is, the snake has to go, even if it means killing it.

It is only education that can change the way people think and act around animals.


For starters, the best way to keep snakes away from your home and garden is to try and eliminate what they’re looking for.  A warm place to hide and food. Some people love to live in clutter and they’ve got piles of junk lying around their homes, and inside too.

They’re not only attracting snakes but mice and rats too. If you suspect you have a harmless snake, with snake traps it is possible to safely capture it and relocate it to a safe habitat.

The whole idea with catching- and trapping snakes is to do it humanely.

Ways to ‘Trap’ Snakes 

◆Hire a professional snake expert and catcher. It’s as simple as checking out the Internet for a reputable company in your area. These people do it professionally and skilfully without hurting the snake.

◆You can buy a snake trap. There are a number of options. The honest truth is that although you get the glue board in a box option, these are often regarded as an inhumane way to trap snakes.  Then again there are those who have used these traps and who say they are the most humane.

The best option according to many snake lovers is to go with the cage style minnow trap. It’s up to you to try different traps and use the one the works best for you.

Glue Traps

These glue traps come in small or large sizes. The idea is to place bait inside the trap. When the snake slithers in, it gets stuck to the glue lining the floor of the trap. When you take the snake trap out into the wilds to release it, you pour non-toxic oil over the snake, allowing it to become unstuck and to glide away.

These snake traps can be ordered online and you can choose from a number of different glue trap brands. They all work much the same way. Some of the traps are reusable, while others can only be used once.

Minnow Traps

Minnow traps are a worthwhile alternative if you don’t want to buy new glue inserts for a glue trap.

These traps for minnows are made of wire meshing and are mostly cylindrical in shape.

You simply put some eggs inside to use as bait. The snake is then lured in through one of the holes on either end to get the eggs.

Because of the wire mesh nature of these traps, they are only suitable for non-venomous snakes.

Venomous Snakes require a Snake Expert

True, it can be hard to think clearly when you see a snake on your doorstep. If you’re able to identify it, and its highly poisonous, your best move will be to call a snake expert to remove it.

However, if you know it is just a non-venomous garden snake it can be as easy as using snake traps that keep the conservation of the snake in mind.

You don’t have to do anything to change the snake traps like camouflaging them for example as they are ready to use as-is just by following the simple instructions.

Check on the Snake Traps Regularly

Whichever trap you decide to use and which you believe is the most humane in its efforts to conserve the snake, set it up in an area where you’ve spotted the snakes.

This might be in a certain area in the garden, in a cluttered area such as a store-room or in the basement.

Whatever you do, don’t forget about the traps. You want to check on them often. If there is a snake inside the trap, you want to humanely deal with it as quickly as possible and not allow it to die in the trap.

In fact, the trap should be checked every day and the snake inside the trap released into the wild, uninjured.

These snake traps are simple. Cost, it’s effectiveness, strength, and practicality all come into play when choosing one.

These snake traps come from different brands so there are plenty of options. The traps are –

  • made with robust materials
  • they’re weather-proof
  • made by professional snake removers
  • free-standing
  • able to be used indoors or outside
  • kid- and pet-friendly
  • able to be used day or night

They’re also so easy to rig up, a child can do it. The cool aspect about the traps is that they don’t kill the snakes and they allow you to have the snake effectively and humanely removed.

CG Snake Traps

This snake trap has a tunnel shape design. This narrow design allows it to be placed in confined places. This large 40” trap-chamber comes with 2 sliding adhesive liners to hold the snake.

It’s a re-usable trap and you simply replace the adhesive liner. Snakes can be released by applying non-toxic vegetable oil to both liner and snake.

See price on Amazon

Cahaba Snake Trap with 6 catch Inserts

This reusable, environmentally friendly snake catcher is very effective for using indoors or out. The multi-use trap is pet-friendly and the catch inserts can be re-ordered.

Apart from snakes, it is useful for catching mice and spiders too. The water-resistant trap measures roughly 18″x10″

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Harris Snake Glue Trap

This extra strength glue trap will trap a snake on contact with its large surface area. It’s a multi-purpose trap and will catch rodents and insects apart from snakes.

It is non-toxic and can be safely used in schools, homes or businesses. Snakes can then be released.

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Frabill Minnow Trap

This 8 x 8 x 18’’ trap is used successfully to trap snakes. It is made with heavy-duty vinyl dipped steel mesh and is ideal for capturing snakes 2 to 4 feet in length.

It has a funnel type entrance allowing snakes to enter but not to escape. Snake lures or bait will help the snakes to find the trap quicker. This particular trap is best used outside.

When dealing with a snake in the house or the garden, remember that the snake has no wish to encounter you on its travels.

If they are startled, they try to hide out under furniture,  under beds or into a dark crevice until they are removed.

Before you attempt to handle a snake inside your home or garden, identify the snake you’re targeting.

If if you were trying to trap a non-venomous snake, a venomous one could have entered the trap. Then it will be foolish to try and handle the trap yourself if you’re inexperienced.

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Protect your Property

A venomous snake can kill you with a single bite. You will need to have it removed by a professional.

Once the snakes are trapped and removed from your property, you’ll want to introduce some practical ways to protect your property from snakes that are venomous. Keep your lawns short, avoid rooms full of clutter and seal all cracks in your home.

With snake traps, you can take control of the snake situation in your home or garden.

Yes, you can always hire an expert who can remove a snake with snake tongs, but if there is no such expert in your area, snake traps can be an effective alternative.

The traps are designed to trap the snakes for a while so that they can be relocated to safety where they can continue their important role in nature and our lives.


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