reptile fogger vs mister

Reptile Fogger vs Mister

Reptiles such as snake, turtles, lizards, tuatara, and amphisbaenians require a certain amount of humidity. In artificial environments, the level of humidity in air varies with weather conditions and hence it is necessary to adjust the temperature and humidity of the reptile habitat according to the natural environment.

Reptile fogger vs mister

Especially if you are keeping ball pythons as your pet it is your responsibility to provide them more than 50-55% humid environment. There are different products available to control the humidity of the reptile habitat. The most commonly used products include misters, foggers and humidifiers.

Difference between reptile misters, humidifiers and foggers

If you want to maintain humidity in your vivarium one of the best options is to choose a reliable misting system. Generally, these systems range from simple systems to highly complex setups. Some of them you can purchase and turn-on whereas other you must make.

The purpose of the misting system is to maintain humidity as well as proper circulation of fresh air. A misting system uses different spray heads. These spray heads push the water and help in creating moisturizing. In misting systems, a powerful pump is used which pushed the water from the reservoir through these spray heads and developed a moisturizing environment. There are usually two varieties of the misting systems; i.e., low pressure and high pressure.

A high-pressure mister

A high-pressure mister is above 100 pounds per square inch while the low-pressure mister is under 100 pounds. High-pressure misters are more preferred over low-pressure misters’ systems because of their efficiency. Droplet size is another factor to be counted for misters.

Efficient misters have an ideal droplet size of 100 microns or less to produce enough humidity for the terrarium. Dense fog can be created with a 20-micron water droplet while 5 microns droplets create lighter fog.

The dry atmosphere in winters needs a constant supply of water droplets to keep the air moist. Reptile humidifiers are the most important necessity during winters. They are essentially required to increase the content of water in any terrarium. Moist reptile habitat is not only required for hydration or humidity but also for incubation of eggs, shedding and other reptile behaviors.

There are five main types of humidifiers for any environment; Evaporators that use moistened filters to blow the moist air, central humidifiers that spread the humidity evenly throughout the habitat, impeller humidifiers for cool mist, ultrasonic humidifiers that use ultrasonic vibrations and come in different sizes and finally steam vaporizers that turn the water into cold steam before blowing it. Herp enclosures need cool mist which can be best provide by ultrasonic humidifiers.

They create a fog-like fine mist

They create a fog-like fine mist which is channeled to the enclosure via a PVC pipe. Water quality is monitorable because of the refill feature of these humidifiers. A cloud-forest atmosphere can be created with these humidifiers producing surreal environments useful for reptiles.

Increase your tank humidity and temperature with the help of a compact ultrasonic humidifier. Humidifiers are different from misters in a way that the later spray water droplets directly in the environment to create fog-like cloud while the humidifiers moisten the air through various methods to introduce humidity in the terrarium.

Reptile foggers are also known as vaporizers. These reptile foggers create a fog in order to build humidity in a reptile enclosure. Reptile foggers are very much different from reptile misters. Reptile foggers do not use powerful pumps rather they use ultrasonic sound to vaporize the liquid water. As the name suggests, reptile fogger shots molecules of water in the air and thus creating an effect like fog or mist.

The practical difference

The practical difference between the two is that the misters form a rainy environment while the foggers are used to introduce fog in the habitat.

Foggers have the same functionality as the humidifiers. The only difference between the two is that foggers are just scaled down and used in cages. When the foggers are used in a small place like reptile cage, the water vapor will condense on the wall of the cage, increase the humidity and provide water in the form of droplet for drinking.

The main functions of foggers are to convert water into vapor and dispel from the cage. Fogging is a fine method which can be used for reptiles but maintain the fogging devices are often labor intensive.

Following are some of the well-known misters, humidifiers, and foggers available on Amazon.

Zoo Med Reptile Fogger Terrarium Humidifier

You can increase the humidity of your tank with the help of Zoo Meds Reptile Fogger. The package includes a one-liter bottle and all the necessary fittings.  The dimensions of the products are 10.1 x 9.7 x 6.2 inches and the total weight of the package is 3.6 pounds. The product comes with plug and plays ease.

The humidifier is compact which increase the humidity of your tank. You can easily control the output level of humidity, the product comes up with ready to operate feature.


Deep Jungle Fogger, Advanced Humidifying Fogger

Deep Jungle Fogger provides suitable humidity and moisture to your ball python reptile. The cool moisture ultrasonic fogger allows you to develop a jungle environment in your terrarium. Deep Jungle Fogger is ready to use and designed with adjustable flow control.

The packages include a two-liter bottle you do not need to refill the bottle again and again. The dimensions of the products are 9 x 5 x 5 inches; 1.3 pounds and have an approximate weight of 1.5 pounds.


Betazero Reptile Humidifier

The product is suitable for different kind of reptiles including turtles, Lizards, Toads, ball pythons, Bearded dragons and many more. The total capacity of tank is 2.5 liters and the maximum output range fog Betazero Reptile Humidifier can develop is 150ml to320 ml per hour.

Betazero Reptile Humidifier automatically shut off when the water runs out. The size of the Betazero Reptile Humidifier is 7.9X3.6X11.4inch and approximately a weight of 3.8 pounds. The package includes 1 x Main Machine, 1 x 2.5L Water Tank, 1 x joint, 1 x Extension Tube, 1 x Instruction Manual, 2 x Suction Cups.


TUDIO 3 Liter Reptile Fogger Terrariums Humidifier

TUDIO can provide output up to 380ml which provides a fine motorizing environment in the cage.

One of the key features of TUDIO is that it automatically turned off the humidifier when the water level is low. This feature enhances the durability of the product.


Evergreen Reptile Humidifier

An evergreen reptile humidifier allows you to develop a healthy environment for your reptile. A humidifier is easy to assemble and operate. Evergreen Reptile Humidifier is easy to install and compatible with most reptile habitats such as terrariums, tanks, vivarium, vision cage, reperium, aquarium or glass/PVC/Plastic cage etc.

The output can be controlled up to 300ml fog per hour. The product can hold up to 2 liters of water and easily refillable with no spill valve. An empty tank is shut down by the dry-run protection system. It has an adjustable hose that ranges up to 5 feet. Evergreen Reptile Humidifier has a longer lifespan as compared to other similar humidifiers.

Product dimensions are 8.5 x 7 x 11.5 inches and the weight of the humidifier is 1.5 pounds (up to 2.2 pounds during shipping).  For customer satisfaction, the product has a 6 months warranty and full-time customer support service.


MUJING Professional Misting System for Reptiles

A misting system with a 3-chambered diaphragm and a small volume chamber with a high-speed motor. There is limited water storage, so it does not need a stop valve to stop the water after shutdown. The misting system has an interface with a quick-plug design with an easy installation.

The 2 pipes are easily inserted with a max matching spray head number 28. The spray head can rotate 360°. Product dimensions are 28.5cmx18.5cm and its consumers around 34W electricity. The tube is approx. 20 meters and the accessories include three curved connectors, twenty fixing clips, one pipe cutter, three plugs, twenty cable ties, and one water source filter head.



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