Snake Branches – A Buyers Guide To The Best Snake Branches

Climbing is one of the characteristics of snakes when in their natural habitat. Once you pick one as a pet, you have got to think about providing it with a climbing surface.


The walls of the enclosure and the raised items in the cage might not offer the best climbing area. Acquiring snake branches in such a case would be the most ideal thing to do. If you have noticed, snakes tend to run away from chemicals like pesticides. Equally, you should find your snake pet some branches that have not been sprayed or treated with chemicals.

All Terrarium Branch

This kind of branch serves as the key playing ground to your arboreal amphibians and reptile pets. Its three-dimensional natural structure is just what your snake would need for fun. The terrarium will have a more natural look due to this branch hence enhancing its appearance.

A naturally looking habitat contributes a lot to your pet’s survival. Introducing this branch into the enclosure will help the new habitat to mimic a natural ecosystem. The dark and light brown colors of the branch resemble those of desert or tropical hardwoods. This makes it possible to integrate this branch into all types of terrariums.

The branches come in small and large sizes that provide a platform for exercise. Furthermore, the natural look is enhanced by the varying shapes and size of these branches. Such a characteristic is a perfect mimic of the natural ecosystem. Therefore, you should note that these branches are not identical as a result of differences from Mother Nature.


Flexible Reptiles Bend Branch

Most pets like snakes, frog, lizards and other reptiles like spending time climbing trees and twigs. In a natural ecosystem, they have plenty of trees and branches to play with. In an artificial one, however, the pet owner will have to recreate the natural environment. This is meant to provide the pet with as much fun as it wants. This flexible reptile’s bend branch is what your terrarium needs to keep the snake busy.

Once introduced in the cage, your reptile will have its entertaining moments of exercise and fun. Moreover, the branch is most ideal for the cages where natural plants would be complex to survive. More so, you can make use of these plastic and silk made branches where the environment is more sterile.

The wires and silk and plastics making up the branches allow bending and flexibility. Therefore, the branches are easy and flexible to fit in the cage and make the DIY design of your choice.


Reptiles and Amphibians Sequoia Branch

This kind of a branch can be put into multipurpose use in almost all types of aquarium. It is good for snakes, tortoises, geckos, tree frogs, chameleons, and lizards. Its structure provides a good platform is for the pet snakes.

Its design provides a tropical rain forest type that you will always enjoy. The metals and PU material used in making the branch is highly foldable facilitating diverse designs in different enclosures. Your reptile now has an opportunity to do various exercises just like it does in the natural environment.

Unlike conventional vines, these artificial branches provide more support to your animal. They are also waterproof hence they do not easily get destroyed by water available in the cage. Take care when bending the branches to achieve the design that you want. The surface material might get torn but this has no negative effects on the design.


Reptile Climbing Jungle Décor

These are some of the best reptile vines and branches that you can ever try. They are highly twistable and bendy to help you achieve the design of your choice. You can twist it around items and vines to create a 3D design that mimics that of the natural habitat.

You actually cannot distinguish it from the natural vines due to its flexible and specially designed production material. Its natural look makes it bests for use in different types of enclosure. Moreover, the sellers provide a 100% product return guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.


Jungle Vine Reptile Branches

The jungle vine reptile branches constitute high-quality branches that are perfect for climbing reptiles. The materials making it has thoroughly been tested to ascertain that they are nontoxic. This makes them reptile friendly hence providing the reptile owner with the most perfect branches for snakes.

Moreover, the synthetic material does not get destroyed by water just like the natural branches. This characteristic makes it best for use in different types of a terrarium. Another good thing about these branches is that they can easily be bent. This makes it possible to create different designs in the aquarium making it look more natural than the usual enclosure.

They make the environment seem so natural and beautiful just like a natural forest. Your reptile pet would have an easy and comfortable time in this highly decorated habitat. Once you purchase these branches, the customer care line is open for any question, suggestion or complaint.


Jungle Artificial Vine Branches

There is a great essence of providing reptiles with something to climb and exercise on. One you have a snake for a pet, you will have to put them in a new environment. This new environment does not resemble the natural environment that your pet was used to.

To keep them comfortable, you will have to make the habitat as natural as you can. Through the use of these branches, you have a chance to provide your pet reptile with a platform for exercise. The surface of the branches is bumpy and natural looking which makes it easy for thee reptiles to climb. Moreover, the metal that has been used to make it can easily be bent.

Such flexibility makes it possible and easy way to fit it in the cage. With such a material, you will be able to twist it and build diverse designs that enhance the tank’s look. The branches are also long enough and they are made from environmentally friendly materials.


Reptile Terra Vines

For enhancement of your snake’s new home, you should try the reptile terra vines artificial branches. Their light green color makes them seem more natural than you can even imagine. Their design was meant to create an artificial replica of the counterpart natural vine. Moreover, the flexibility of the material is exceptional.

The metal and the outside PU coating are exceptional. They make it possible to provide different designs to the cage. Moreover, the branches are fitted with suction cups fit them on than the tank walls. This way, you will be able to finish the DIY design of your choice. The branches also increase the privacy of your pet by providing them with hiding spots. Its advantages are just like those of the natural vines.


Driftwood climbing branches

These branches are obtained from natural plants. Their color and design vary due to differences provided of nature. This makes each branch special in its way but all of them offer a climbing surface for reptiles. The branch has been obtained from lightweight woods hence making them less hectic to use in the tank. Moreover, it can be used for other purposes like moss creation in the fish aquariums. This makes it the best kind of a branch to acquire.

If you want a design similar to that of a home garden, this the branch to go for. It is 4” in length and a girt that can fit on the hands. You will be able to provide all the fun that your reptile needs. The color of the branch on the picture might not be what you get when you purchase the product. However, you are assured of a natural wood branch with a size of around 9.8”


Repti Vines Décor

Have you been looking for the best way to create a natural environment for your pet? Repti Vines Décor can be of real help. With repti vines, you will be able to achieve a natural looking environment that your pet enjoys. Essentially, you are assured of a more flexible, happy and healthy pet. Since snakes are consummate climbers, this natural looking artificial branches will provide it with an array of opportunities. With the flexibility of the branch more support to your pet is assured.

You will also be able to bend it to the design that you want. This way, you have an opportunity to enjoy the ability of the branch to fit in your reptile’s cage. For easier styling, suction cups have been embedded on its surface. You can use them to attach the branch on the glass walls or the tank and create your perfect DIY.

If you want to change the appearance of the cage, you will just change the suction cup’s position. Their length is also good enough to cover a large part of the cage. Once you purchase the product, you will receive 2 vines that you can use to decorate your pet’s cage.


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