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Snake Heating Pads – 6 Of The Best Heating Pads for 2019

Snake Heating Pads

Keeping your snake comfortable means more than just the perfect layer of substrate and a yummy mouse, they also need the right temperature to flourish in. That’s where these snake heating pads come in


Because snakes use the surrounding temperature to regulate their body temperature, it is important that they can get warmer or cool off as needed. Snakes also seek out warmer areas after they have eaten to digest their food. To this end, you need to make a temperature gradient inside your snake’s enclosure — heating one side while keeping the other side cooler.

The easiest way to do this (and being able to regulate the temperature inside the enclosure) is by using a heating mat. These heating mats are usually stuck to the bottom of the enclosure and use electricity to heat up. The heat is then transferred to the inside of the enclosure from the mat. A thermometer controller is used to regulate how hot the mat gets. After all, you want your snake to be comfortable, not cooking!

Different snakes also require their enclosures to be kept at slightly different temperatures. For instance, boas and pythons prefer temperatures of 80-90F degrees, while garter snakes prefer a lower temperature of 72-84F degrees. When deciding which of the heating pads you’re going to buy, keep in mind how hot you need to make your snake enclosure.


A thermometer and thermostat controller are definite musts. The heating mats can become extremely hot if left unregulated (well over 100F degrees in most cases). These high temperatures can cause serious burns and even death of some pets. You also need to make sure that the humidity inside the snake enclosure is adequate. Too dry and your snake will dry out, too humid and your snake may get one of the various diseases or fungal infections. It’s, therefore, a good idea to get a humidity controller the same time that you set up the rest of the enclosure. This will be a lot easier than to try and get everything set up after you already have Mr. Slithers in his enclosure.


Here are 6 heating mats — from budget to pricier options — that you can choose between for your snake’s enclosure. Most of these mats are available in more than one size and it is very important to buy the size suited to your size of snake enclosure. Buying one that is too large will heat the inside of the snake enclosure too much. Too small, and your poor snake will not have a temperature gradient, but more of a random hot spot. – Snake Heating Pads

SUDOTACK REPTILE HEATING PAD (8 watts)- Snake Heating Pads

A choice that’s good for the budget 

This Sudotack heating pad is available in two sizes (8” x 6” and  7” x 6”). It can be used on the side or the underside of the snake enclosure. Easy to stick to the enclosure’s glass, the heating mat uses only 8 watts to heat up and is also waterproof.


What size enclosure is this 8-watt heating pad best for?

This small heating pad is best for a 10-20 gallon enclosure.

Is the temperature adjustable?

No, that is why you’ll need to buy a thermostat controller separately.

Can you use this heating pad on a plastic enclosure?

No, the heating pad may melt or warp the plastic. This should only be used on glass.

Pros and Cons

Although the heating pad itself is quite cheap, you need to remember that you’ll need to still by a thermostat controller and thermostat. This can push the price up quite a bit and it may be better to buy a more expensive pad that already has the controller included. However, this heating pad is perfect for a small snake enclosure and for beginners.



A better budget buster 

Zoo Med is a well-known brand, which gives you some peace of mind even though the price is quite low. The Zoo Med Repti Therm Under Tank Heater is available in four sizes; from 4” x 5” to 18” x  8”. It contains a solid state nichrome heating element and sticks to the snake’s enclosure. Add a thermostat controller for safety and use it 24 hours to keep your snake comfortable. It also boasts a 1-year-warranty and can be used in conjunction with additional heat sources depending on the temperature your pet requires.


Can the temperature be regulated with this model?

No, you’ll need to buy a thermostat controller as well.

Can you side mount the heating mat as well if you need to?

Yes, you can stick the heating mat to the underside or the side of the snake’s enclosure. However, it is much better to stick into the underside in this case.

Can I use this mat on a plastic surface?

It depends on the type of plastic the surface is made from. However, it’s best not to use this type of heating mat on plastic tubs and the like as they could get warped or too warm.

Should there be a gap between the heater and the surface the enclosure is standing on?

Yes, there should always be a gap. It should only touch the enclosure directly.

Pros and Cons

This Zoo Med heating pad is a better choice than the Sudotack mentioned above, but you will still need to buy a thermostat controller separately. However, the different sized heating pads can be used for anything from a 10-gallon to a 60-gallon enclosure, making them very cost-effective. These Zoo Med heating pads are also very easy to use. – Snake Heating Pads



The all-in-one 

The iPower 8-watt heating pad may be pricier than the previous two heating pads, but it’s obvious to see why. Not only is it good quality, but it also has a thermostat controller included. The heating pad is available in four sizes; from 4” x 7” to 8” x 18”. These sizes are perfect for 1-gallon to 60-gallon enclosures. The iPower Under Tank Warmers can also be stuck to your snake’s enclosure to ensure that it doesn’t move and only warms the part of the enclosure that you need warming. The required temperature can be reached in minutes. As the pad can heat up to 108F degrees, the thermostat controller that comes with it is really important. Like the Zoo Med heating pad, the iPower one also has a 1-year-warranty.


Is the temperature setting available in both Celsius and Fahrenheit?

Yes, by simply pressing and holding the “up” button, you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Does the thermostat switch the heating pad off when the set temperature is reached?

Yes, the heating pad will switch on and off automatically thanks to the thermostat controller that is included with the iPower heating pad.

Pros and Cons

Buying the heating pad like this with the thermostat included is really cost-effective — plus you get a great quality heating pad to boot. The wide range of temperatures that the heating pad can reach also makes it possible to use for a wide range of snake species. Some buyers have complained that the rubber feet that are supplied with the heating pad is not included and that they have had to buy some separately.



The energy-efficient one 

The Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Mats are available in four sizes; from 4” x 7” to 8” x 18”, suitable for various sizes of snake enclosures. The heat pad can be placed on the bottom of the enclosure or on the side. It can work for both snakes that are ground-dwelling and those who like to explore branches. It can also — like the Zoo Med one — be used together with other heat sources as long as you keep a proper eye on the temperature inside the enclosure. – Snake Heating Pads


Will the Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Mats work if I have a boa that needs very hot temperatures?

Yes, without regulation the heat pad can get over 100F degrees. It’s, therefore, necessary to use a thermometer controller to keep this from happening.

If the Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Mat heat pad can get over 100F degrees, can I still use it for my corn snake?

Yes, you simply need to regulate the temperature to be 85F degrees at most.

Can I leave this on 24-hours a day to keep the temperature the same?

Yes, the heat pads are designed to be left on. The thermometer controller you need to add will switch it on and off automatically.

Can I use the Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Mat on wood?

No, an emphatic no. The wood will most definitely catch on fire. If you have a wood enclosure for your snake, you need to get a specific ceramic heater to create the heat gradient with.

Pros and Cons

Two ongoing complaints about the Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Mats are that the pads don’t stick well enough or long enough and that the thermometer controller must be bought separately. However, both of these problems can easily be overcome if you do decide on one of the Zilla heating pads. Good for various sizes of snake enclosures and just about any snake, beginners and experts alike can use this mat. Beginners may just have to get some help in setting up the thermometer controller, etc. to make sure that their snake doesn’t get too hot or cold. – Snake Heating Pads



The all-rounder 

The Fluker’s Heat Mat for Reptiles and Small Animals is one solution to creating the perfect environment for your snake, while also not costing the earth. Fluker isn’t exactly a name you hear every day like Exo Terra, but the heating mat does do a fine job. Like the other energy-efficient heating pads, this one uses very little power and, coupled with a thermometer controller, will do its job. The Fluker heat mats are also available in various sizes to accommodate different snake enclosures. – Snake Heating Pads


Do I need to stick it to the outside or the inside of the snake enclosure?

Always stick it on the outside of the snake enclosure. If you stick it inside, the chances of the substrate catching fire is just too big. Always refer to the safety precautions when using heating pads.

Will the Fluker’s Heat Mat work for a corn snake?

Yes, it will and the heat mat is also the right size for a 20-gallon snake enclosure. Just be sure to get a thermometer controller and keep an eye on the temperature and humidity.

Pros and Cons

As with most of the snake heating pads, the Fluker’s Heat Mat for Reptiles and Small Animals does not come with a thermometer controller. You will, therefore, need to purchase one separately. One glaring oversight from Fluker’s however, is that it has no adhesive on it. So add a roll of duct tape to your cart while you’re at it! – Snake Heating Pads



 The Great Value One 

The Sequoia Reptile Under Tank Heating Pad comes with its own temperature control, which makes heating your snake’s enclosure much easier. The nichrome heating wire distributes heat evenly over the heating pad ensuring that the temperature gradient inside the snake enclosure is also gradual and doesn’t contain hot spots. The Sequoia Reptile Under Tank Heating Pad also boasts to be waterproof and moisture proof, making it perfect for those snakes who need more humidity. It also makes cleaning a lot easier! – Snake Heating Pads


Does the Sequoia Reptile Under Tank Heating Pad have adhesive already stuck to it?

No. This heating pad does not come with an adhesive.

Do I still need a thermometer to regulate the heat in my snake’s enclosure?

Yes, even if you are using the Sequoia Heating Pad, you will still need to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity. Especially since the dial on the pad itself does not contain any numbers or indication of how hot you’ve set it. – Snake Heating Pads

Can I use this heating pad on plastic tubs?

It’s best not to try and use the Sequoia Heating Pad on plastic, as it may warp or even melt the plastic. Best not to tempt fate.

Pros and cons

The good news is that the Sequoia Reptile Under Tank Heating Pad works well and does its job. The bad news is that its dial isn’t marked and that it contains no adhesive. However, it is great for 20-gallon enclosures as long as you add a thermometer controller as well to regulate the temperature. – Snake Heating Pads


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